YGTUT provides the only guide to Chattanooga you’ll need in his “Bootleggers” video

Chattanooga rapper YGTUT, a member of theHouse collective alongside Isaiah Rashad, is keen to make it clear how he is different from the rest. While other rappers are "spending money like it's going out of style" and wearing jewelry that "waters them down," he'd rather stay humble and leave them exposed.

The whirly beat from Tiggi on "Bootleggers" contrasts with TUT's gruff voice, while he takes you on a tour of his hometown in the Daniel Russell-directed video. In an email, he explained why he chose this location for the video: "We’re just tryna' shed more light on our hometown Chattanooga and where we come from. We went back to the area where everything started at, out on Duncan and Orchard Knob, brought the homies out. Big Ten shit. Straight from the 423." Peep the video for "Bootleggers" below.