Bbymutha - "Roaches Don't Die"

Brittnee Moore has started an online apothecary, raised two sets of twins on her own, and delivered a dozen EPs, all as the Chattanooga rapper bbymutha. For years, she’s brought her whole self to her music, and on “Roaches Don’t Die,” the first song on her sprawling debut Muthaland, she nimbly weaves in and out of her professional and personal lives. Only after boasting and bucking like the best MCs does she delve into a harrowing and heartwarming account of motherhood. Her kids’ father is a pedophile. Yikes. She wants to teach her porn-watching son about consent. Yes. She goes on like this, streaming her consciousness, for nearly four breathless, hookless minutes of pure skill, nerve, and honesty.

On "Roaches Don't Die," BbyMutha raps with an unyielding, breezy tenacity that elevates lines like "Dearly departed / Kill these b****** while I rest in peace / I ain't even took my bonnet off" from thrilling lyric to lethal mantra. Unafraid to deliver a face-burning read without a second thought, the Chattanooga-born rapper maximizes the real estate of a spiked melody and a menacing bassline to support the kind of candid intimacy typically reserved for a group chat. Her self-assured battle armor is fortified with human-sized vulnerabilities, well-suited to slip onto your shoulders (and tongue) when your own reserves are running low. Check out the song below!